Brass Rotational Insert – DBI-019

Brand Name : 


Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Metal :

Brass / Copper Alloy

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Rod : 

Casting / Extrusion

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Dimension / Length / Size : 

Begins from Miniature M1.5 or equivalent threads and up to any size as per Custom Designs and requirements

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Shapes :

Hexagonal Insert (Hex Insert)

Square Insert

Any Special Brass insert shape as per customer’s requirement

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Material :

Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (l)

Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I)

Generally Free Machine Grade of CuZn37Pb3 equivalent to BS 2874 is used to manufacture various brass threaded inserts in form of round, Hexagon, Square etc

Other grades which are followed as per custom requirements are CZ 121, CZ 131, C3604, CDA 360, and DTD 627 etc

High Grade Free Cutting Brass. 

Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customer’s requirement

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Threads :

ISO Metric (MM Threads) 

BA Threads 

BSW Threads (Inches) 

UNC, UNF,UNEF and NPT Threads 

BSP & BSPT (Parallel & Taper Threads)

Any threads as per specifications

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Finishing & Coating : 


Golden Finish

Silver Finish 

Nickle Platted

Chrome Platted

Tin Plated

Any coating as per customer specifications

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Packing Details :

Bag Packging

Innear Plastic Packing

Carton Packaging

Woodan Carton Packing

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Special Features :

Thread as per international Go and Not Go Gauge Standard.

Deep Groove for maximum Pull out Resistance. 

Inner Diameter (ID) after threading with very close tolerance to prevent unrequired flush to enter into brass inserts.

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Application :

Plastic Industires 

Furniture Industry

Electronic Industry

Automobile Industry

Junction Box & Modular Box Insert

Bakelite knob & Handle Insert

Electrical insulator Insert

Telecommunications & Electrical Accessories

Plastic Cases Assembly, etc…

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert MOQ :

1000 Pieces

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Lead Time :

3 Working Days

Brass Rotational & Roto Insert Available Price :


FOB – Free On Board

C&F – Cost And Freight

CIF  – Cost, Insurance and Freight